Friday, May 25, 2007

Unusual or Favorite Reading Places

All of us Romance Bandits are readers first. It’s impossible to be a writer without being a pretty intense reader, and I suspect many of you are avid readers too. I refuse to go anywhere without a book in my hand or my purse. Never. Doctor’s office? A book. Fast-food drive through? A book. To the market or the library? Yes, a book.

Whenever I’m driving and stop at a red light, I can get about five or six lines read, depending on how long the light is. I’ve been honked at by frustrated and harried drivers behind me if my book is overly engrossing.

I’m sure that if California ever passes a ban on drivers using cell phones, the legislature will decide it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump until they ban my book reading.

I’ve read on a bed, a hammock, and a park bench. During dinner, at a movie, and in church (shhh, don’t tell).
The most interesting place I’ve read a book was at St. Catherine’s Monastery (see picture left) which sits at the base of Mount Sinai. Our group had bedded down for the night ready to take the early morning ascent of the mountain the next morning, when I had to make a midnight bathroom trip.
There was no electricity at the monastery, so I took my flashlight, and, yes, you guessed it, my book, and groped my way outside, down the corridor, and into the restroom. I made myself comfortable and opened my book.
After a few moments, I had the creepy feeling someone else was there. I flashed my light around. No one. A noise sounded from above me. I glanced up, throwing the beam at the ceiling. There, straddling the stall partition, was a Bedouin. Yep, a genuine Bedouin with head gear and flowing robe. Yikes! I screamed. He fell, definite more frightened than I was.

What's your story? Your favorite spot? Where’s the most interesting, colorful, or relaxing place you’ve enjoyed reading?


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